Young Sheldon

As the Big Bang Theory prepares to head into its 11th season, fans are also gearing up for a prequel. A new show is coming to screens later this year.

Young Sheldon is due to arrive on TV screens in November. The producers are trying to get viewers excited by releasing multiple promos for the show. The trailer is single-camera, and laugh-track-free meaning the show may feel stylistically very different from its origins. However, elsewhere the humor seems pretty much the same.

Just smaller and cuter, as Jim Parsons’ Sheldon is seen in his younger form. Iain Armitage, of Big Little Lies fame, plays the protagonist.

The show will see the predictably precocious Sheldon enter into the ninth grade, alienating both his classmates and teachers with his impressive intellect and trouble with social skills, pointing out dress code violations and calling into question their teaching credentials.

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