The new trailer for Netflix‘s adaptation of  Stephen King’s 1922 has been released. Written in 2010 as part of King’s Full Dark, No Stars collection, 1922 tells the story of a Nebraska farming family with a dark secret.

Thomas Jane – who appeared in previous film versions of King’s work like The Mist and Dreamcatcher – plays Wilfred James, a farmer with a light drawl who is content to work the land until the end of his days. “A man’s pride was a man’s land,” he says in the teaser.

But his wife Arlette (Molly Parker) has other plans: she wants the family to move to the city. When James refuses, she asks for a divorce and threatens to take their son to the city with her. “I believe that there’s another man inside every man,” James says in the trailer, his tone shifting towards menace. “A conniving man.” He conspires with his son to kill Arlette and they hide the body. No crime goes unpunished, and before long James is fighting his wife’s ghost and an infestation of rats.

Zak Hilditch directs Netflix’s adaptation of the tale. He also made These Final Hours. Among the other cast members of 1922 are Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard, Brian D’Arcy James, and Neal McDonough.

Netflix will release the film on October 20.

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