A teaser has been released for the second season of American Vandal. The satirical mockumentary pokes fun at the true crime series of recent years.


Netflix’s true-crime satire of high school teen angst and spray-painted penises American Vandal is ready for another serious investigation.

The first season of the series dropped last month and follows Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) as they attempt to establish whether Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) was guilty of drawing 27 phallic images on teachers’ cars.

And while we don’t know yet whether or not dicks will be involved in the second season, Netflix released a short teaser video on Thursday (October 26) that suggests Peter will be back to solve a new crime, in a new school with new students.

“You can be born into the perfect family, perfect school, the perfect life,” says the voiceover in the teaser. “But can you be born above the law?”

The video doesn’t show us much about the new season besides flashes of yearbook photos. Whether or not it is connected to season one has yet to be revealed.

Co-creator Tony Yacenda previously teased the possibility of the show’s return when questioned about season one’s open-ended conclusion.

“I know there’s just so many documentaries that I love that have different tones and styles,” he said.

“I’d be super excited to pull from that, from an existing wealth of tools that we can use that we haven’t yet.”

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