It took me a while to figure out, which category should this post be assigned to. We at Movieofficials usually don’t bother with porn and, had it not been for the witty and sharply comedic commercial PornHub shot to celebrate its 10 years on the market, I would never have noticed the ‘news’ at all. But the clip is really something.

I guess all men at some point see pornography when they decide to check out a yoga class or bite into a French baguette. When these items enter our circle of observance, so to speak, we see phallic shapes that inevitably create certain associations in our brains, which, in turn, leads us to raunchy musings. It’s only fair. What is not fair, however, is the society’s staunch unwillingness to accept men’s desire to be naughty as part of their nature. Then again, PornHub is no longer some skeevy corner of the Internet, it’s a completely legitimate and a long-awaited outlet for the non-conforming heroes who would rather be ostracized then deviate from their selves. And for that, we salute them!


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