Black Mirror

The first trailer for Charlie Brooker’s fourth season of Black Mirror has been released. Six new episodes are coming soon to the streaming service. It reveals the titles for all of the new episodes along with glimpses of a few scenes from each.

Each episode explores the theme of “collective unease with the modern world”. The show depicts various new ways advanced technology transforms lives. Storylines have included everything from rating every interaction to uploading one’s consciousness after death to virtually live forever.

Charlie Brooker

Series creator Charlie Brooker has written every episode of the fourth season. The episodes include Crocodile’, set in a snowy location, ‘Arkangel’, apparently centring on a child with some sort of implant, ‘Hang the DJ’, which involves a new handheld device, ‘USS Callister’, a campy-looking space drama starring Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons, ‘Metalhead’, which looks to involve robots, and ‘Black Museum’, a racially-tinged instalment.

One episode is directed by Jodie Foster. But unlike last season, one big omission is the absence of director Owen Harris, who helmed Season Three stand-out “San Junipero.”‘ This episode is up for an Outstanding TV Movie Emmy at this year’s Emmys.

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