Misfits is to get an American remake, with the popular English TV series to be adapted for American audiences by the team behind Gossip Girl.

Even though the remake was only just announced the case has been revealed. Deadline has announced four out of the five young stars that will lead the pilot, including Ashleigh LaThrop, Tre Hall (Rebel), Allie MacDonald (Orphan Black) and Jake Cannavale (Nurse Jackie), son of actor Bobby Cannavale (Will and Grace, Master of None).

Like the original, the US version will centre around a group of delinquents in a community service programme who develop superpowers after being hit by an electrical storm. It seems as if the series will stick closely to the source material, as early character portraits seem to be Americanized versions of the original set.

Lathrop will play a party girl akin to Antonia Thomas’ Alisha, Hall will play a rising football star of the same ilk as Nathan Stewart-Jarrett’s Curtis, Macdonald will play the “tough and trashy” Kelly, originally portrayed by Lauren Socha, and Cannavale will play con artist Nathan.

The announcement came via Freeform, part of the ABC television group, who in turn are owned by Disney. The company was rebranded from ABC Family in October 2015, with their schedule of original programming currently including Pretty Little Liars, Recovery Road and Switched At Birth.

The remake is being developed by The OC creator/Gossip Girl co-creator Josh Schwartz’s Fake Empire production company and Diane Ruggiero-Wright (formerly of Veronica Mars) will serve as showrunner.

Watch the trailer for the final UK season of Misfits below:

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