This week, Marvel and Netflix revealed the premiere date, in the form of a mysterious trailer for it’s long awaiting ‘Defenders’ series. The series will gather superheroes Luke Cage, Danny Rand (a.k.a. Iron Fist), Jessica Jones, and Daredevil (a.k.a. Matt Murdock) similar to DC’s Justice League.

The trailer, titled “Midland Circle Security Elevator B,” shows the four heroes entering an elevator on a grainy, black and white security cam. The video reveals the premiere date of the series in the time stamp on the upper right-hand corner of the video, which stops at “8:18:20:17,” or Aug. 18, 2017. Jessica Jones ends the clip by smashing the camera and the 17 seconds gives little to go on other than the time stamp.

Each member of ‘The Defenders’, played by Mike Colter, Finn Jones, Krysten Ritter, and Charlie Cox, respectively — has been featured in solo Netflix series leading up to their eventual unification as The Defenders.

In another cryptic clue, the upper left-hand corner reads “ip/dns //:” — an IP address that, typed as an URL “,” leads to a New York Bulletin Archive website, a fictional paper featured in “Marvel’s Daredevil.” The website features imaginary covers for articles about each of the four superheroes, as well as a video interview with “Iron Fist” characters Joy and Ward Meachum. One of the covers features the headline “Midland Circle Rises to New Heights,” suggesting that the building in the teaser will play a role in the upcoming series.

The eight-episode series trails this year’s release of poorly received “Marvel’s The Iron Fist” and will be followed by “Marvel’s The Punisher.”


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