Opening with Sean Spicer hanging from the rafters beside his podium, The Simpsons take on Trump’s initial run in the White House is dark but not too far from the truth.

The teaser for the new episode makes it clear how the creators of the classic animated series really feel about the new President of the United States.

Back in 2000, The Simpsons predicted Trump’s win and 7 years later their worst nightmare has happened but the 80-second clip for their new episodes still shows that dark humor is still their strong point, even in times of duress.

The teaser shows a pair of White House inner-circle power players attacking each other. And President Trump is sitting in bed, phone in hand, books at his sides (including Florida on $10 Million a Day), audibly going over his myriad early accomplishments. The good news: Twitter followers way up!

We also see how he solves the Ruth Bader Ginsburg problem (spoiler: it involves lots of rubles). And how Marge goes unsoothed by Mother’s Little Helper. While gets Grampa hauled away for some reason or other.

Overtly political, the video ends with a calendar and the narration: “100 days; we are 6.8% of the way home.”


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