Are you Afraid of the Dark?

90’s kids rejoice Paramount Players is moving forward with an adaptation of the classic Nickelodeon show “Are You Afraid of the Dark” as a feature film and  “It” scribe Gary Dauberman is to write the script.

Created by D.J. MacHale and Ned Kandel, the 1990s anthology series was set around a group of kids who called themselves the Midnight Society. They would tell various scary stories, some of which were based on fairytales and urban legends but with an added modern twist.

IT Writer to Join the Re-Make

The show ran from 1992-96 and was eventually rebooted in 1999 for one season with a brand-new set of writers and showrunners. Fans will remember that the Mowry twins, Will Friedle, Melissa Joan Hart, and even Ryan Gosling made appearances in the series, so the team behind the remake has plenty of star power to pull from.

Dauberman has indicated that his take on Are You Afraid of the Dark? would remain true to the spirit of the original series. Without a release date or cast, however, it’ll be a while before the film brings jump scares and a heavy dose of nostalgia to ’90s kids everywhere.

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